Employee Engagement

We at KHB work as a focused, unified group and all our employees play a crucial role in our success. We keep our valued team together with a combination of approachable leadership, clear communication and autonomy in execution.


All our business activities are governed by stringent QHSE principles designed to assure best practice and compliance across our operations. QHSE management systems are in place to ensure all activities are risk assessed and controlled accordingly. All incidents including near misses are reported and investigated, however we firmly believe in the proactive approach of monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) to help improve results and prevent any accidents from occurring.


We believe in being ‘Change Initiators’, a principle that remains strong in everything we do.  We focus on “change” that nurtures the commitment to preserve the environment. That’s why we have taken stringent measures to convert every project of ours into a ‘Green Initiative’. Our projects go through extensive tests that are prerequisite to obtain IGBL LEED platinum rating. We are also the propagators of multi-use building concepts that realize a thoughtful integration of architectural brilliance and energy management. The company also takes keen initiatives in associating with socially concerned causes and supports needy students though its CSR wings providing scholarships and financial aids to economically challenged families.


We Kool home builders believe that our long term business depends on our ability to continually improve our environment and business value. KHB is committed to creating a future , free of incident and injuries, where leadership, passion and commitment are present at all level. Working safely enhances quality, improves productivity and generates value.